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Title: JEE Developers/Contract

Location: Toronto


·         At least 8 years of design and development experience;

·         Experience developing and architecting object-orientated applications using JEE;

·         Web design and development experience, including Hyper Text Mark-up Language (“HTML”), Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (“AJAX”), Cascade Style Sheets (“CSS”);

·         Experience in building Extensible Forms Description Language XFDL forms;

·         Advanced knowledge of XPath and XForms concepts;

·         Experience in building applications using webservices and IBM Forms;

·         Experience in Installing and configuring Webform server to communicate with WebSphere Process Server (“WPS”);

·         Experience in building IBM Forms from an Extensible Markup Language XML Schema;

·         Experience in building applications integrating IBM Forms with WPS;

·         Experience in building applications integrating IBM Forms with IBM Websphere ILOG JRules;

·         Experience with the design and development of common utility components;

·         Applications with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005  (“ODA”) compliance;

·         Fluent on RUP design artifacts; strong Unified Modelling Language (“UML”) expertise e.g. Statecharts, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Component Diagrams;

·         Experience with different presentation and server side frameworks (i.e., Struts2, Spring, Enterprise Java Beans (“EJB”) 3.0, Java Persistence Application Programming Interface (“JPA”) etc);

·         Experience with Web Services-security, application security (crypto Application Programming Interfaces (“API”));

·         Knowledge of performance considerations at the time of design;    

·         Experience in writing Structured Query Language (“SQL”);

·         Experience on using Clearcase Version Control tool;

·         Experience in Business Process Modeling BPM using WebSphere Integration Developer (“WID”) on WPS or WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB);

·         Experience in writing build script;

·         At least 2 years of Service Oriented Architecture design and development experience;

·         Advanced knowledge of object oriented analysis and design; and,

·         Experience with Rule Engine such as ILog JRules engine(s) and/or work-flow tools.

Desirable Skills:

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